Crystal Shaw Wins Award For Individual F31 Fellowship

Congratulations to Crystal Shaw for the National Institute of Aging (one of the branches of the National Institutes of Health) awarding $119,456 through June 2023 for an individual F31 fellowship to support Crystal's Ph.D. studies and dissertation research. The award emerged from an April 2020 grant application Crystal prepared entitled "Link, transport, integrate: a Bayesian data integration framework for scalable algorithmic dementia classification in population-representative studies".

The proposed project, which builds on her Graduate Student Researcher role with Professor Elizabeth Rose Mayeda in the UCLA Department of Epidemiology, involves using modern statistical-computing strategies to bridge multiple data sources to enhance the utility of population-based surveys for research on Alzheimer's disease and other precursors of dementia. Department of Biostatistics mentors on the project include Professor Tom Belin, Professor Donatello Telesca, and Professor and Dean Ron Brookmeyer, and Crystal also arranged for the mentorship team to include Jennifer Manly, Ph.D., a Professor of Neuropsychology in Neurology at Columbia University, an internationally recognized Alzheimer's disease researcher with specialization in the role of diagnostic tests in understanding cognition.

In her leadership role of the Biostatistics Student Association, Crystal has graciously offered to make herself available to other students who might similarly be interested in applying for similar training fellowships. So along with congratulations, thanks to you, Crystal, for your efforts on our collective behalf!