Cost of Study & Financial Aid

Sources of Aid

Aid comes in many forms. Besides government and University of California financial aid, students may be eligible for funds directly from the Department. Departmental aid is more merit-based than need-based. Outright gifts such as fellowships and fee waivers are harder to get than a research and teaching assistantship, which usually pays a portion of the fees. Most good students can expect a combination of aid. The one form of aid that is extremely competitive is the allocation of non-resident tuition waivers to foreign students. Once here, good continuing students will receive continued aid.


Practically all doctoral students are able to find employment in the form of a stipend, fellowships, or other work related to their field (e.g. Readers, TA's, Researchers). Many Master's students are also able to find employment, especially after they have finished their first quarter or if they take certain courses (such as Biostatistics 203A and 203B). Hourly wages usually range between $15-$28 per hour, with the more advanced students receiving the higher pay rate. These positions, GSR (Graduate Student Researcher), TA (Teaching Assistants) and SR (Special Reader), carry 80% to 90%  (Ed. and Reg.) fee remissions in addition to the standard pay. If you are seeking employment as a Special Reader or Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biostatistics, you should submit your application so that the department receives it at least four weeks in advance of the start of the quarter to ensure that you receive full consideration. The applications are available on this page. To apply for TA or Special Reader, complete the Teaching Assistant Application. To apply for GSR, complete the Application For Part Time Employment. A new application must be submitted several weeks prior to each quarter in which you wish to work. Submit your applications to Roxy Naranjo via e-mail:, or by post: C/O Roxy Naranjo, Department of Biostatistics, UCLA School of Public Health, Box 951772, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772.

Work study and other need based support

Apply directly to campus.

Out of State

All graduate students with U.S. citizenship or permanent residency who are not California residents can request after one year here to be reclassified as such by contacting the resident deputy's office at (310) 825-1091, option 5, or by visiting the Registrar's Office, 1113 Murphy Hall. Note, however, that reclassification can only be done by graduate students who intend to continue residing in California after finishing their degrees. Foreign students should note that upon beginning their dissertation (advancing to candidacy) the non-resident tuition is reduced to zero (100% reduction in NRT; limited to nine consecutive academic terms). Eligibility for the reduced nonresident tuition begins with the first academic term following advancement to doctoral candidacy. For more information  visit the UCLA Registrars Office.


Tuition fees differ based on the pursued degree (M.S., Ph.D., M.PH.) and the student's residency status. Please see the official Fee Schedule for details.

Living and Housing Costs

For married, single parent and single graduate students, there is a variety of University and privately owned housing available. Most housing is on a first come first serve basis. For more information consult the Housing Office and the Office of Residential Life at UCLA.