Ron Brookmeyer appointed to Statistics Board of Reviewing Editors of Science Magazine

Ron Brookmeyer was appointed to the new Statistics Board of Reviewing Editors of Science magazine. The Board is addressing statistical, data and reproducibility issues and will work to raise the standards for data analyses of papers published in Science Magazine. Further details are here: link

Ron Brookmeyer, the 2014 Norman Breslow Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Washington

Ron Brookmeyer was selected to be the 2014 Norman Breslow Distinguished Lecturer. Dr. Brookmeyer gave the 2014 lecture "Tracking the AIDS Epidemic: Estimating HIV Incidence" at  the University of Washington in Seattle.

Department of Biostatistics Welcomes New Chair

The Department of Biostatistics is pleased to welcome Professor Sudipto Banerjee as its new Chair. Sudipto joins the faculty of the UCLA from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where he served for fourteen years. Sudipto's methodological research interests include Bayesian inference, modeling and analysis for spatially referenced datasets, including high-dimensional spatial data, Bayesian inference on physical and environmental systems statistical computing and related software development. Sudipto's collaborative research includes projects with epidemiologists, environmental health scientists geographers, and researchers in the natural sciences, especially forestry and ecology.

Donatello Telesca Wins 2014 Mitchell Prize from ISBA

Congratulations to Donatello Telesca (along with co-authors Elena Erosheva, Ross Matsueda and Dereck Kreager) on winning the 2014 Mitchell Prize from the International Society of Bayesian Analysis for his paper entitled "Modeling Criminal Careers as Departures from a Unimodal Age-Crime Curve. The Case of Marijuana Use", (JASA, 2012, Vol.107, 1427-1440).

Jacob Konikoff Wins at WNAR Student Paper Competition

Congratulations to Jacob Konikoff on winning the oral presentation part of the WNAR Student Paper Competition. His talk, "Sample Size Methods for Cross-Sectional HIV Incidence and Trend Estimation" was delivered June 17, 2014 at the University of Hawaii.

Weng Kee Wong Elected Chair of Faculty Executive Committee

Congratulations to Weng Kee Wong on his election to the position of Chair for the Faculty Executive Committee in the Fielding School of Public Health!

Qiaolin Chen Wins Honorable Mention at Student Paper Competition

Congratulations to Qiaolin Chen, recent PhD graduate, for winning honorable mention for her paper "A Bayesian Family Factor Model for Multiple Outcomes" in the 2014 student paper competition of the Mental Health Section of the American Statistical Association. See link.

Weng Kee Wong Receives R01 NIH-GMS Grant Funding

Congratulations to Weng Kee Wong on the funding of his R01 NIH-GMS grant "Designing Efficient Designs Under Model Uncertainty For Biological Studies". The overall goal of his project is to use the latest tools in optimal design theory to construct new and realistic designs for modeling biological phenomena at minimal cost and maximal statistical efficiency.

Kate Crespi Elected WNAR President

Congratulations to Kate Crespi who has been elected president of WNAR (The Western North American Region of The International Biometric Society).

Marc Suchard Receives 2013 COPSS President's Award

Congratulations to Marc Suchard, the recipient of the 2013 COPSS President’s Award by Joint Statistical Societies. For his extraordinarily wide-ranging and insightful contributions to the statistical sciences in the areas of Bayesian inference, computation and stochastic processes; for innovative statistical modeling and novel computational techniques for formerly intractable problems in molecular epidemiology, evolutionary medicine, phylogenetics, phylogeography, computational biology and emerging massive public health data sets; for a panoply of flexible, well-regarded and widely-used statistical software tools for the applied sciences; for extensive and creative statistical applications across an impressive range of human inquiry; and for service to the profession as a prolific and dedicated mentor of the next generation of statisticians. The COPSS Presidents' Award is given annually by the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies to a person under the age of 40, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession of statistics. It is awarded by the five sponsoring statistical societies: American Statistical Association (ASA), The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC), The Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), The Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric Society (ENAR), The Western North American Region of the International Biometric Society (WNAR). This award is widely regarded as the "Nobel Prize in Statistics," as it is a worldwide competition encompassing the entire field and only a single award is given each year.